Megan Beller

Megan is a fiddler, teacher, author and the founder of Fiddle Studio.

Trained as a Suzuki teacher, Megan teaches fiddle with the power of pedagogy. She breaks down tunes, technique, and style and goes through step by step. Megan started classical violin at the age of 3 and went on to major in Violin Performance at the Eastman School of Music. She also grew up fiddling in the New England tradition and later branched out to other traditional styles including Quebecois, Irish, Old-Time, Contra, and Klezmer fiddle.

Learn to fiddle with the Fiddle Studio podcast, blog, books, courses, classes, and more!

Family band Contranella performs traditional dance music from New England, Canada, and Ireland along with their original tunes.

Megan and Charley

We play together sometimes. Mostly on the porch.

Written under the pen name Willow Night, the Sycamore Street Mysteries are exciting chapter books for elementary readers.